Big Hayes Bio




Pastor Tony Hayes (Big Slim) is from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the pastor at Jabez Christian Center. Tony Hayes is a author, performs, writes, and produces Gospel music. He has a passion for winning souls. He is a soul winner serving in the community. He has been preaching and teaching the Gospel for over 20 years. Tony Hayes is also a graduate of Shaw University with a degree in Religion and Philosophy. He has written a book entitled “Don’t Hate Celebrate"and a stage play “The Apocalypse”. He currently has a book out called Numbers 23:19. He continues to represent for Christ, inspiring others along the way. Big Slim is a soldier in the Army of the Lord.

The type of music that he ministers is Gospel Hip Hop. Tony Hayes desires to influence the world with a message of Christ in his books, films, and music. He enjoys speaking to people on issues of today that will really influence their lives. God brought him out of the streets, so this is how Tony Hayes gives back with a positive message. Tony Hayes desires to point the youth and others in the right direction, so the music, writing, and preaching is there to educate them and let them know that there is a better way through Christ. It’s about fulfilling the Great Commission. 



Tony Hayes (Big Slim) - Gospel Hip Hop Artist, songwriter, author and producer.


Discography: Tony Hayes (Big Slim) release his first cd Lost Son in 2004 and the hit single was Holy Ghost. He also released the LP Apocalypse in 2009. Big Slim wrote his first stage play The Apocalypse in 2010. He also released his first book “Don’t Hate Celebrate in 2016. Big Slimreleased his cd Hot Gospel Rhymes on 1-19-18.